Dotwork Machine

The Inkanto Dotwork machine is a hybrid machine that can use normal needles as well as needle modules. Thanks to its unique design and close cooperation with Swiss companies, the Inkanto machine can meet the high demand of all artists.

inkanto tattoo machines dotwork swiss


Due to the unique use of a strong gear motor, the up and down movements are performed by machine (see video). Thanks to the gear motor a strong, but slow impact is guaranteed. In general, the machine is used at about 8-10 volts. After a short period of getting used to it, it is up to each artist to decide with which speed he can achieve the best results. 


Super light dotwork machine with very little vibration and noise, which makes optimal work with circular motions.


Technical specifications 

Mass: 89gramm

Height: 56mm

Width: 20mm

Length: 94mm

Casino: High-Quality Aluminium


Gear Motor: 12 Volt 

Optimal working-voltage: 8-10 Volt