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The 'INKANTO Giolea' is a high performance rotary machine that is quieter and less vibrating than traditional tattoo machines. The GIOLEA is equipped with a powerful DC motor that provides a powerful punch and better color saturation, making it a superb liner, shading and color packer. With the Click grip you can easily adjust the needle depth. Both the machine and the handle are made of anodised aluminum, the machine weighs only 69 grams. The 'INKANTO Giolea'  is an EXCELLENT and low-maintenance rotary machine that requires tattooists to spend less time building the machine.

Technical specifications 

Mass: 69gramm

Height: 65mm

Width: 25mm

Length: 45mm

Casino: High-Quality Aluminium


Gear Motor: 12 Volt 

Optimal working-voltage: 4.5-6.5 V

Extent of delivery:

• Machine

• Click Grip 25mm

• Thumbscrew / for Cartrige Tubes

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